The Progeny (Revised)

In the beginning there was a paradise where everything was created in a series of two. This paradise was operated by a system of duplicate constructions. There was a double of every animal and insect. All the plants were dually mounted from the root, linked as allies and connected with loyalty and love, creating a sturdy family of symmetrical balance inside the ground and above the surface. Nothing could move them and they certainly didn’t want to be moved. The balance of two created an equilibrium of serenity and stability. Even the trees stood grounded with confidence on two feet, entrenched like soldiers in their firmest poses, just waiting for the strong winds of a wandering war to come and try to knock them down.

This was the empire of the Sun and the Moon. They worked together to maintain their kingdom and to conserve their perfectly synchronized union. They showed no ambivalence towards one another and worked in a harmonious partnership. There was only one rule; an understanding between them both that once a creation was made, it could not be touched or changed; only monitored.

They relied on each other. The Sun was the mother of the Day and ruled with the power of Light. She provided growth, warmth and direction. The Moon was the mother of Night and ruled with the power of Darkness. Her dim and underwhelmed glimmer, evanescently offered the empire a peaceful slumber and played the role of an alternate sun for all nocturnal animals. The Moon was envious of the Sun, and the Sun was truly confident, if not vain. The Sun created the first of everything and the Moon could only shadow her vision. This inevitably made the Moon start to feel inferior.

Although the Paradise seemed imminent to perfection, there was always work to be done. The Moon continued to make reproductions of the Sun’s creations without hesitation. The Moon knew that any action that went outside the norm would alter the steady union of their empire. Nonetheless, she felt it was necessary to prove to the Sun that she was also capable of creating perfection. It was the Moon’s turn to shine.

Without informing the Sun, the Moon conceived her own creation and planned to birth it forward. In order to follow through, the Moon knew she had to outsmart the Sun even for just a few minutes. By doing this, The Sun would be temporarily out of jurisdiction. This would be the day that everything changed. The Sun had no idea what was coming. The Moon at her fullest potential rose out from her underworld and stretched forth to eclipse the bright Sun. Her momentous strength filled the sky so vindictively, that all the animals and creations below felt a great chill of terror rumble through them. Once the Sun was completely obstructed from interfering, the Empire grew dark and grim. It was then that the Moon created the Empire’s first Human. She was female and undoubtedly beautiful. Her hair sable like the darkness of Night and her skin enchantingly pale. She was embodied with all the attributes the Moon could give her but these also included her mother‘s darkest characteristics. The girl, incarnated from the most malevolent intentions, looked up at her mother with devious eyes. She was the first epitome of evil that the Empire has ever seen, controlled by an unknown rage that was handed down from her mother. The Moon looked down at her creation and became afraid of her own child. A greater force was now in control and not even the Moon nor the Sun could save the empire from Human destruction.

While immersed in her failure, the Moon felt helpless and began to descend while the Sun’s resilient determination returned her vibrant brightness throughout the sky once again. The Sun felt betrayed for the first time but her light burned brighter than ever before. She looked below at the Moon’s feral creation and felt the somber essence of the human’s impious demeanor. She feared that this human creation would be the beginning of the end. She knew she must prevent the destruction of the Empire she worked so hard to maintain. This human was unstable and destructive but nothing could be done to remove her. She would be an inescapable threat to their Kingdom. In order to stabilize the wild human, there must be an equal body to balance the original.

The Sun sweat profusely from pressure and anxiety. She needed this next creation to be flawless and so her desperate passion to succeed repressed her ability to think clearly. Her intention was to create an opposite but at the same time make a stronger and superior creation to outdo the Moon’s work .This human was not to be anything like the Moon’s human. After much hard work, The Sun was ready to deliver her creation to protect and defend her Empire. Her stunning design was born. He was a divine production of the Sun. His yellow wavy locks flowed like fervent springs down his perfect face. His intense skin unblemished, gorgeous gold. His heart pumped from the brightest energy. The human knew he was stunning and became conceited. He inherited the Sun’s confidence but he was arrogant and did not care about anything other than himself. He was obsessed with his own perfection and lacked any potential to be useful to the Sun’s cause. She knew she had failed much worse than the Moon. Because of their competitive nature, the reign of the Sun and the Moon inevitably came to an end. They would soon be overthrown by a new kind of regime, one that would dominated their Paradise indefinitely.

The Human Race ruled the empire after the fall of the Moon and the Sun. The Sun and the Moon became slaves and would rise and set whenever they were required to. The Man and Woman ruled their own separate realms and agreed to share equal power over the empire. The duality of the empire was convenient in such that they were able to divide all of the creations down the middle so that they would both have the same amount of things to possess. The Woman was hungry for more power but remained cool and collective on the outside. She continuously plotted against the Man in order to overthrow him but her endeavors were always ineffective. The Man took full advantage of nature and spent all his time near the stream staring admirably at his own reflection, oblivious of the Woman’s scheming strategies.

Inevitably, the Humans mated and the rise of their race populated their Paradise. To the Moon and the Sun’s surprise, the first biological human offspring  were doubles; human twins. The new Dynasty grew strong and the rapid ascension of humanity populated into millions.  These are their roots, sturdily planted inside their history. They are firmly held together by their passion to survive.  They are beautiful creatures bred from vanity, arrogance and vengeance.  They are greedy, insatiable, never satisfied. They are successful in producing quantity but not quality. They are the Human Race, racing to rise, racing to rule.

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